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Comprehensive Guide for Global Village Dubai

The season dates for Global Village Dubai 2021-2022 are October 26, 2021, to May 7, 2022.
Global Village Dubai

It’s exactly what it sounds like: a Global Village in Dubai. The event, which includes food, attractions, shopping lanes, and much more, brings people from all over the world together in a manner that no other event can. Global Village Dubai, which bills itself as the world’s largest tourism, shopping, and leisure facility, welcomes over 5 million visitors each year! It’s particularly impressive because it has 27 pavilions representing more than 75 countries and cultures.

The season dates for Global Village Dubai 2021-2022 are October 26, 2021, to May 7, 2022. So, this is the time, when you can witness a whole world in just one place. If you’re thinking about going to Dubai, now is the time to book your tickets because, believe us, this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. In Dubai, you may also approach a Best Nissan car rental service to have a luxurious ride towards Global Village Dubai. 

Some Handful Information

  • Best Time to Visit: Late evenings
  • Suggested Stay Duration: 3 Hours
  • Starting Price: AED 15 closest
  • Timings: Monday – Saturday, 5 pm to 2 in the morning
  • Please note: Tuesdays are exclusively reserved for families and ladies.

History of Global Village Dubai

Global Village began in 1996 on a modest plot of land beside Dubai Creek. The goal of the event back then was to show everything the world has to offer. Since it was so new, the site only contained a few modest kiosks representing other countries. Despite the lack of publicity, the festival was capable of attracting over 500,000 guests in its inaugural year! From that point on, the festival was unstoppable. By 2004, the festival had gathered over 5.20 million visitors from 38 different nations!

Season 26

The 26th anniversary of Global Village has here! Global Village Dubai 2021-22 will take place from October 26, 2021, to May 07, 2022. With brand-new pavilions, dozens of new shopping outlets, and more surprises, the festival will be larger and better than ever before! This year, Global Village Dubai will provide over 40,000 entertainment and activity alternatives to guests. It was also given a ‘Dubai Assured Stamp,’ demonstrating its dedication to the city’s high public safety requirements and regulations.

Tickets for Global Village Dubai 2021-2022

You Have Two Options for Global Village Dubai 2021-2022 tickets: 

A basic Global Village entry ticket or a combo Expo 2020 Dubai + Global Village Ticket, which gives you access to both the Global Village and the Dubai Expo 2020. Please take note of the open dates for the attractions.

Dubai’s Global Village: Pavilions

There are six pavilions, each reflecting the country’s traditions, culture, events, and cuisine. The pavilions and the countries they represent are shown below.

The Middle East & North Africa

The MENA pavilion, which includes pavilions from the Middle East and North Africa region, is a touching portrayal of the region’s culture and, more significantly, its people. The pavilion is divided into the following zones:

Pavilions for MENA:

  • UAE & Khalifa Foundation Pavilion
  • KSA Pavilion
  • Iraq & Yemen Pavilion
  • Lebanon & Iran Pavilion
  • Syria & Oman Pavilion
  • Bahrain, Jordan & Al Sanaa Pavilion

Far East

Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, and the Philippines are represented in the Far East pavilion with products and attractions. This year, the pavilion will feature a brand-new cultural experience zone where visitors may relax and learn about diverse Far Eastern traditions.

  • China & Thailand Pavilion
  • Far East Pavilion

European Pavilions

Are you ready to discover the delights that await you on Europe’s gorgeous continent? You can buy everything from traditional European-styled clothing to perfumes and collectables at the Europe Pavilion!

  • Turkey & Russian Pavilion
  • Europe, Bosnia & Balkans Pavilion


Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Senegal, Ghana, Ethiopia, Mauritania, Angola, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Rwanda, Madagascar, Namibia, South Africa, and Nigeria are among the countries included in the African pavilion. The majority of these countries display their genuine products as well as their art, wealth, and customs.

The Americas Pavilion

The Americas Pavilion features a diverse selection of intriguing products from North, Central, and South America. The pavilion offers visitors to experience the cultures and cuisines of the 48 countries that make up North and South America.

South Asia

For the first time, the South Asia pavilion will be at Global Village, offering you insights from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal, as well as their own cultures, culinary art, and products. The following are repeats from prior years:

  • Pakistan Pavilion
  • India Pavilion
  • Afghanistan Pavilion
  • South Asian Pavilion

Directions to Global Village Dubai

Here’s how to get to Global Village from Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


  • By Bus: Bus number 103 departs Ittihad Station and travels through Baniyas Street, Al Rebat Street, and Nad Al Hamar, while bus number 102 departs Rashidiya Metro Station. Alternatively, take bus number 104 from Al Ghubaiba Station to Sheikh Rashid Street, Al Jafiliya Metro Station, 2nd Za’Abeel Street, and Dubai-AlAin Street.
  • By Car: follow the Dubai-Al Ain Rd/E66 to Exit 37, then take the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd/E311 to Global Village. You may also hire a car rental Dubai to take you there in time at reasonable prices.

Abu Dhabi

  • By Car: Car travel is the sole direct route from Abu Dhabi to Global Village Dubai. From Al Karamah Street and Shakhbout Bin Sultan Street, take Abu Dhabi – Al Shahama Rd/Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan St/E10. Take E11 to Latifa bint Hamdan Road/D67 in Dubai after around 4.4 kilometres. Global Village is located along Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd/E311 at exit 37.
  • The second option can be a car rental Abu Dhabi, a perfect riding partner for your trip to Global Village Dubai. 

For more information, you may search their official website:

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